Workshops and Storytelling Performances

Storytelling and Story Writing Workshops for Primary and Secondary School Students

Is your school looking for a workshop that could inspire your students to do better in their oral examinations, oral presentations and composition? Look no further as Master storyteller Jim Weiss conducts exciting hands-on workshops targeting at both the primary and secondary school children in Asia.

In these workshops, students will learn how thoughts can be transformed into written words that will be actualized in a composition. They will also pick up proven story writing skills such as organizing and shaping a story, creating vivid characters and orally presenting their story using the storytelling skills that are imparted from the awards winning Master storyteller.

The learning outcomes of all workshops will be customized based on the requirements of the schools. For enquiries, please write to

Information will be made available soon.
Information will be made available soon.
Information will be made available soon.

For Educators and Parents

Master storyteller Jim Weiss facilitates storytelling and story writing workshops for parents and educators. In these customized sessions, Jim spins classical yarns and shares a wealth of proven techniques to promote storytelling as a model of the richness of oral language and to build community through the shared experience of storytelling.

Workshop participants will learn storytelling techniques, such as, organizing and shaping stories, creating vivid characters, voice characterization, relating to the audience, mapping plots, the recipe for a story, developing an individual style and much more. For further information, please write to

Stories offer perhaps the strongest tool available to early childhood educators. Reading aloud, or telling, stories actually helps young listeners learn how to learn; develops their listening and speaking skills; increases their retention of facts twenty times over; promotes their interest in a wide variety of academic subjects; provides a powerful means of building social skills and community among students; and builds a bond of trust between children and their teachers. Jim will include tips on overcoming the special challenges inherent in teaching very young children.

As a former primary school teacher, world-renowned storyteller Jim Weiss is particularly experienced at using stories to foster the student interest in an array of subjects, including: music, visual arts, reading, writing, history, literature, science and mathematics. Jim will offer easy-to-use, practical methods specific to primary grades.
Information will be made available soon.
Stories provide an essential tool for teaching special needs students. From autistic children to ADHD students, from dyslexic students to legally blind students, stories engage students on a vastly higher level so that they better understand and retain information while improving their listening, concentration and social skills. In this session, Master Storyteller and educator Jim Weiss offers useable tips on how to read aloud, or tell, stories to make a real difference to the lives of your Special Needs students.

Families, and entire societies, pass along their most deeply held beliefs through our stories. In this session, master storyteller Jim Weiss helps parents learn how to read aloud, or tell, stories that help your child greatly increase his/her capacity to learn any subject; increase retention of facts twenty times over; develop useful listening and speaking skills; become a passionate learner and build positive social skills. Just as importantly, Jim will show you how to focus on the ethical elements in the stories you already want your child to know, and build an even more powerful bond of love and trust between you and your children.

Live Storytelling Performance for Schools and Associations

Literature comes alive with Master Storyteller Jim Weiss! Jim performed to a sell-out crowd of 420 audiences in his first trip to Singapore in 2014. His connection to his audience is magnetic and interactive, proof positive that storytelling today rejuvenates one of the first and most personal forms of entertainment. Not only does Jim provide an excellent model of oral language, but he presents a stimulating arrange of timeless classics that have endured because they are so essential to human growth and development. Jim’s repertoire is flexible and creative. His range includes mythology, mysteries, fairy and folk tales, stories with strong moral values, multi-cultural stories, perspectives on historical time frames such as the Renaissance, and so much more.

From fairytales to Shakespeare, from the ancient world of Greek mythology to the mystique of Sherlock Holmes, Jim's performances offer a high quality entertainment experience, and give children a personal affiliation with classical literature and the characters that make these stories great. Jim's stories appeal to both children and adults, bonding families together with the love of literature.

The classics that Jim tells are time-tested stories that fit into curriculum as well as into the lives of children today.

Each storytelling performance is customized to the themes and needs of the schools and associations. To enquire, please write to