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    Please e-mail to make appointment for any walk-in visitation.

Catalogue for Schools

Catalogues could be sent to your school to be distributed to parents. Arrangements can be made for collection of orders and delivery of orders via your school. Please write to to make arrangements.


For enquiries or further information about Jim Weiss’s workshops and performances in Asia, please write to

Pop-Up Stall in Schools and Associations

Seeds of Knowledge Pte Ltd will be delighted to set up a pop-up stall in schools and associations during the academic year, or at one of your key functions with parents. We will be pleased to extend an additional discount to your parents and students for such arrangements. Please write to to make arrangements.

Sales and Adoptions from Schools

If you are interested to retail or purchase our products to supplement your English language, literature, civics and moral, speech and drama, history or arts lessons with Greathall’s award-winning recordings, please write to


To enquire on the status of your orders or for recommendations on what to get, please write to